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Koaxis, Inc. manufactures coaxial cable assemblies and connectors for military, telecommunications, and cable television (CATV) applications. Utilizing a lean organization featuring in-house design and manufacture of a wide variety of coaxial connectors, Koaxis maintains highly cost-effective pricing, short lead-times, and a high-level of customer satisfaction. Koaxis products are made in the United States at our factory in the scenic Pennsylvania countryside. Koaxis is registered with the US State Department for ITAR applications.

Our product line includes: Bent or straight semi-rigid cable assemblies. Fabricated semi-rigid cable, including precision cutting, stripping, bending, balun assemblies and delay lines. Hand formable, conformable®, cable assemblies, including jacketed and low loss cables. Flexible microwave cable assemblies, flexible alternative to semi-rigid cable.  Flexible RG cable assemblies, using RG174, RG316, RG223, RG142 and other RG type cables.  High performance 75 ohm assemblies using RG179 and RD179 cable, with F, 75 ohm MCX or 75 ohm mini-SMB connectors.

  • Koaxis, Inc.
    2081 Lucon Road
    Schwenksville, PA 19473
  • +1 (610) 222-0154 tel
    +1 (610) 222-0159 fax